Mated to the Warriors

mated to the warriorsHannah is making a big sacrifice for her brother. He’s in trouble with people he owes money. In order to help him raise the cash fast, Hannah volunteers for the interstellar brides program.

She finds herself matched to the commander of the Prillon fleet, Zane Deston, and his second, the handsome scout pilot, Dare.

She finds herself scare to commit to the two men, either of which might die in battle. But, she also finds herself highly aroused by the dominating way they handle her body.

I noticed . . .

I noticed that this book was very similar to the book Mastered by Her Mates. There are two mates, the mates are from Prillon Prime, and of course, the female mate comes from Earth.

I also noticed that this was very obviously one of Goodwin’s earlier books. Her more recent books all emphasize storyline, but her earlier books are sometimes more sex than story. This is one of those.  There’s also a greater emphasis on the BDSM elements of their relationship than is usual for most of Goodwin’s novels. There’s even a safe word mentioned.

I also noticed that Zane and Dare do not have the same close and loving relationship that I found so touching in Mastered by Her Mates.

I noticed that the side characters in this story are really fun. I enjoyed the reckless Prince Niall. I also enjoyed the human, Anne, and her mate and children. The little moments with side characters in this book really sparkle.

I wondered . . .

I wondered if Dare ever gets to see Zane’s private quarters in floor seventeen.  It’s quite the space.

I also wondered what lingering effects Dare has from the Hive attack. The attack in Mastered by Her Mates is pretty devastating, but this book’s attack doesn’t seem quite as bad.  I’m hoping to see him again in another book for an update in someone else’s book.

I also wondered if Hannah ever got over her embarrassment around Anne’s husband.

It reminded me of . . .

I was, of course, reminded of Mastered by Her Mates. This book was, in many ways, a more poorly written version of that book. Some of the details were different, but the basics were the same.

I also was reminded of Star Trek. The Hive has similarities to the Borg. I also enjoyed the scene in the transporter room and the way that they used food generators. All seemed quite inspired by Star Trek.



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